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Lin Marble Collection by Lin Japan

Lin Marble


The Marble collection exudes a unique atmosphere with its richly marbled finish. This technique took us three years of ongoing research to develop with our aka-e (red painting on ceramics) artisans.

Lin Marble Collection Kinsodo Arita

Lin Marble

by Lin Japan

The Marble collection exudes a unique aesthetic and was developed over a period of three years in collaboration with our aka-e (red painting on ceramics) artisans through repeated trial and error. It exudes a sparkle almost reminiscent of pearls or jewels and a complex, visually-engaging texture like marble. The result is a complex sheen that feels at once mysterious and fantastic. Also referred to as lusterware, this technique has been enhanced through the use of contemporary technology. Lusterware originated in 9th century Mesopotamia and reached its peak under Islamic pottery in Persia. In this way, the Marble collection is an exciting fusion of lusterware that bewitched the people of ancient Persia and the longstanding traditions of Arita ware.

This is a highly complex technique that entails a sensitive manufacturing process requiring strict temperature and humidity control. Seeking to replicate the gravitas of marble, our master craftsmen have spared no effort in creating this beautiful line. The "Old" and "Shotglass" pieces in the collection draw hints from traditional faceted glass and exude a certain heaviness and firmness in the hand.

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