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Introducing Lin Japan: Where Tradition Meets Modern Elegance

Updated: Sep 8, 2023


Enchanting design, brought to life by the sophisticated techniques of our craftsmen.

Lin is a new and innovative brand of Arita Porcelain that seamlessly merges high-quality

craftsmanship with a luxurious, contemporary aesthetic that you are sure to adore.

The glossy, radiant colors of Lin's metallic-textured porcelain dance in the light, creating ever-evolving moments of movement and fascination.

Our craftsmen's unrelenting pursuit of beauty will transform your home.


The journey of Lin began with a serendipitous spark.

In 2016, we introduced "Lin" to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Arita Porcelain. This

exceptional creation quickly captured hearts and has since become one of Kinshodo's flagship brands.

Our quest to redefine world-class porcelain drew inspiration from the vibrant Nambu Tekki cast irons adored in Paris. If this traditional Japanese craft could find love abroad, why not Arita Porcelain? Following this inspiration, our president explored vibrant variations of traditional Arita Porcelain, giving birth to Lin.

However, a single-color porcelain wasn't enough to satisfy our vision. Expert craftsmen

suggested incorporating a unique overglaze to produce an iridescent effect, unveiling a myriad of colors. After persistent experimentation, we perfected the Lin formula – one that captures light and conjures enchanting hues.

The name "Lin" is derived from the metallic resonance of the word itself and a Kanji character from the renowned Linzo Kaneko, an Arita Porcelain painter from the Meiji and Showa periods. His exceptional techniques and visionary designs laid the foundation for Kinshodo. Lin preserves the 400-year legacy of Arita Porcelain while ushering in something new and cutting-edge for modern connoisseurs of taste.

Discover Lin Japan, where tradition meets modern elegance.

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